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Law Firms –
Looking to expand an existing practice? You need to explore this profitable opportunity.

  • Increase you practice revenue without increasing overhead
  • Turn overhead expense into a profit center
  • Generate a consistent flow of new referrals to your practice

Law Firm Expansion

Law & Mediation FirmWhy Join Divorce With Dignity for Law Firm Expansion?

Divorce/Family Law and General Practice Attorneys that are looking to grow revenue and profits with a strategic expansion of their existing practice services would benefit from an affiliation with Divorce With Dignity.

While it’s true that 95-98% of all divorces in the U.S. are not litigated, a growing number of these potential clients cannot afford litigation or in many circumstances even collaborative mediation. This is a growing trend given the recent “great recession” and chronic high unemployment rates. What’s the alternative? Well in case you haven’t noticed there has been a surge of Internet legal forms purveyors of the do-it-yourself or cheap divorce for only $299.

Perhaps your law firm is facing some tough economic times like everyone else and clients are balking at high fees for litigation or even mediation. Do you have the third alternative for your clients? In business marketing it’s called a good, better, best product/service offering. If you don’t offer all three levels of service you are letting potential revenue walk out your front door.

Many general practice law firms are also looking for ways to increase revenue and increase the specialization of their legal services to prevent further encroachment from larger law firms in their markets. Divorce With Dignity with its unique business model is ideally positioned to assist these smaller firms find a niche in lower cost value-added peaceful divorce services. This is truly a new business opportunity for general practice firms because many people have lost faith in the traditional system of divorce resolution.

Again, are you trying to grow your business without having all the services your clients, need, want and deserve? And, why should you lose incremental business revenue to the online option for divorce services that is faceless and ill equipped, (not legal professionals) to help people through a truly legal process. Without a real low cost option like Divorce With Dignity that is safe and administrated by legal professionals, people are throwing their money away because they don’t understand the forms.

Here is an example from the real world. At Divorce With Dignity we recently had a man with a PhD degree who tried to divorce himself by using the largest online do-it-yourself legal services firm. After struggling and having no success in getting the forms through the court, he came to one of our offices, placed the pile of paperwork and forms on our desk and said, “I am a well-educated man and even I cannot figure this out. Please help me.” This is just one story. Whether its money or pride, there are large numbers of people who need help with their divorce – you have the ability to fill a real market void.

Other reasons to consider offering peaceful divorce services are:

  • you can add this new revenue stream without increasing your overhead since you already have a going legal practice with an office, conference room, telephone, computers, insurance, etc.
  • You likely have a legal secretary or paralegal that may not be fully utilized in your office or you might be sharing a paralegal or renting one at very high per diem rates that could be brought on full time.
  • This new service can be performed by your legal secretary or paralegal and turn their overhead expense into a profit center.
  • There are also opportunities for referral business from the service you provide to your DWD clients

The Peaceful Divorce Service
More than an online forms service, but less than legal mediation or litigation. Divorce With Dignity offers personal guidance and facilitation to those seeking a peaceful or collaborative divorce. The price of Divorce With Dignity services is also affordable to greatest number of people seeking a divorce today.

Our services include divorce support and facilitation, divorce planning, legal document preparation, and providing referrals for whatever services the client may need to mitigate the negative effects of divorce on her/his family. Such referrals include counselors, mediators, real estate professionals, movers, career counselors, financial advisors, support groups, and more. By joining our Network, you will make a positive difference for people and increase revenues for your practice.

Combined all of these peaceful divorce services provide additional opportunities for significant increased practice revenue.

Why Divorce With Dignity
Our founder, Cindy Elwell practically invented the peaceful divorce business 18 years ago in California. Cindy has grown her original office to averaging over $175,000 in sales annually out of one office. She has perfected the peaceful divorce services to a business model and methodology that others are using now successfully. She is also directing a national rollout of her trademarked business model, the Divorce With Dignity Network. Our goal is to have Divorce With Dignity Providers in the top 500 largest counties in the U.S. in five years. Join us and you will receive these benefits.

Exclusive Benefits of Affiliating With Divorce With Dignity

  • We only offer Provider licenses to legal professionals – lawyers, mediators or paralegals
  • This is not a franchise you own the business
  • The ability to offer a peaceful divorce services business model with over 18 years of proven success
  • We provide the training to your designated staff with hands-on, been there done that, training and ongoing support from the founder
  • Brand name marketing power to use to brand your local Provider service
  • National Divorce With Dignity Website promotes your Provider to the target audience
  • National Divorce With Dignity marketing effort supports your local marketing
  • Low Initial License Fee, no overrides, no royalities
  • Divorce Service transaction revenues 2 to 5 times higher than online services
  • Most territories are exclusive except in the largest U.S. counties

The Next Step
As a business owner, are you ready to start expanding your divorce services options or adding peaceful divorce services to your general law practice or mediation firm? Want a new revenue stream without adding overhead for a small investment that will pay you back many times over. Best of all your support staff will be performing these services.

We invite you to discuss whether Divorce With Dignity is right for your Divorce/Family Law, General Practice or Mediation firm and how you can join us as a Divorce With Dignity Network Provider

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