Why Join Divorce With Dignity?

Legal ProfessionalsThe new path to success for legal professionals is Divorce With Dignity, (DWD). DWD is the proven business model we have developed that you can follow to operate your own peaceful divorce services business. Why, because at DWD we appreciate your true worth and know with our proven method we can put legal professionals on a new path to personal success, career satisfaction and financial independence.

Legal professionals can capitalize on their knowledge and experience to own and operate a peaceful divorce services business and reap the financial and personal rewards from helping others. A divorce services business that…

  • Allows paralegals to own and build a new path to personal & financial success
  • A perfect new revenue and value-add to an existing law or mediation practice
  • Is exclusively comprised of legal professionals like you
  • Features a peaceful divorce business model with over 18 years of proven success
  • Provides hands-on, been there done that, training and ongoing support from the Founder still operating a Divorce With Dignity Provider
  • Can serve 95-98% of the Divorce Market

Peaceful Divorce Experts – A peaceful divorce business conceived and developed by our founder, Cindy Elwell with over 18 years of real world experience. Our founder is still involved in day-to-day operations of a peaceful divorce Provider. Divorce With Dignity has fine-tuned its business network operations based off a real life learning curve and now offers others a chance to become successful with a proven business model.

Brand Name Marketing Power – Divorce With Dignity offers its Providers the right to use our nationally known name, a name that draws clients who are looking for a more peaceful and dignified way to go through the divorce process than litigation. Our name already has an established reputation in peaceful divorce. It meets all the requirements of a quality brand name and the logo, and marketing materials are market tested.

A Turnkey Business Solution – DWD supports its Providers with a customer-centric philosophy that focuses on providing all the basic business tools you need to ramp–up quickly and begin building your client base. We supply marketing materials, services software, personalized training and mentoring to guide you in developing your own successful business.

A Professional Divorce Services Business – As a legal service professional, by becoming a Divorce With Dignity Provider, you can capitalize upon your existing training, skills and talents. Helping people through difficult times as you guide them through divorce support and facilitation, divorce planning, legal document preparation, and providing referrals for whatever services the client may need to mitigate the negative effects of divorce on her/his family.

Career Satisfying Results – You will be educating and informing your clients so they know what to expect in the divorce process. You will guide them through the divorce process with compassion, kindness, and support. Your goal is to provide a holistic approach to divorce for people who want to get through the process as peacefully as possible while retaining their dignity. You will be helping them save money and maintain control during what seems like an out of control situation. Being a Divorce With Dignity Provider you can make a positive difference for people going through a very emotionally trying time and enjoy your own independent, rewarding business both financially and personally.