Use a Business Coach and Grow Your Divorce Services Business

How to use a business coach to grow your peaceful divorce services business.

Just as an athlete can reach peak performance with the help of an athletic coach, a business owner can also benefit greatly from a business coach.  If you want your divorce support business to get off the ground and soar, consider the advantages of working with a business coach or mentor.

Sounding board:
When you first meet with a business coach, you tell them where you are in your business (start-up, in business for awhile but need help, etc.) and explain what you hope to get out of your consultations with them.  You can then use him/her as a sounding board by sharing your ideas about the issues you are facing and getting feedback to assist you in decision-making.

Business coaches bring business expertise and experience to the table, and can help you come up with ideas and solutions you may not have thought of. And their suggestions can spark new ideas and connections in your own thought processes.

Working with your coach can help you get a clear picture of where you want your divorce support business to be, and clear direction on how to get there.  He/she can assist you in setting measurable and time-oriented goals with a fleshed-out action plan to achieve the highest impact.

Systems & Tools:
Are you working your business as efficiently as you could be?  A coach can help you understand if all the pieces are fitting together correctly, and if not, can make suggestions on how to tweak them for better performance.  He/she may also know about technology tools that you can use to help run your business more productively.

When a business owner is trying to “go it alone”, he/she can often become mired in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture, or may just feel overwhelmed and not sure how to take the next step. A business coach can provide advice and encouragement to help propel you toward your goals.

One of the best ways to achieve goals is to be accountable to someone.  Being accountable to your coach and having deadlines for specific steps in your action plan will help you get far more done in less time than if you just put those steps on your “To Do” list with no target date and no one to report to.

Greater effectiveness:
Your business coach can help you be more effective in your business by recommending training that might be helpful to you, and by suggesting areas where outsourcing may be more advantageous for you.  He/she can also work with you on time-management issues to help you get more control over your productivity.

It’s clear that a business coach can provide positive support, advice, and help in identifying areas that need improvement and how to achieve that.  Try to find one who has experience with family law or legal services businesses, if possible. You may choose to hire a business coach, or can take advantage of some free mentoring provided by small business assistance organizations such as the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) or SCORE a nonprofit association and network of experienced business owners.

If you join the Divorce With Dignity Network, you will have the advantage of a divorce business mentor to guide you and a network of providers for support and advice.  For more information about becoming a Divorce With Dignity licensee, contact us.

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