Starting A Small Business…Get Clients Now!

Are you just starting a small business or do you already have your own independent divorce services business and you’re having trouble getting new clients? If so, read the book, “Get Clients Now!” by C. J. Hayden,

C.J. Hayden lives in San Francisco and is a Master Certified Coach, popular speaker and principal of Wings Business Coaching LLC.  She travels all over the world teaching and training her “Get Clients Now!” program.

“Get Clients Now!” is a “28-day marketing program” that will help you increase your client base—if you do it.  In her book, C. J. Hayden provides you with all the tools you need to fill your pipeline as well as three other areas in the marketing cycle that you need to master in order to be successful.  She really has taken the complex marketing activities and broken them down into very understandable and easy “to do’s”.  The only problem I have with the program is that I have to do it to fill my pipeline.  And not only do I have to it once, but I have to do it every single month.

I feel that this is such a valuable tool that we send all our new providers through a 6-week training for this program, which is taught by one of a coach who is certified to teach this program.  That’s only one of the many benefits you receive when you join our Divorce With Dignity Network,

When I first started the Divorce with Dignity-Alameda office, I partnered with a friend of mine who was starting a travel business (which was still feasible in the 90’s) and we would meet by telephone every week to keep each other accountable while doing this program each month, and that’s how I built Divorce with Dignity- Alameda  to be so successful.  At the end of each month, we would celebrate and reward ourselves with things, such as a day at a spa, a nice meal or a trip somewhere, depending on how big our goals were.

So if you are a family law attorney, independent paralegal or mediator and want to build your divorce business so that you have more clients, get this book,, read it and then start implementing it every month—I think you will see far more results than doing a traditional marketing plan and then not keeping accountable to that plan.

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