Six Ways to Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”. -Zig Ziglar

Make Things Happen

Make Things Happen

Most successful entrepreneurs attribute motivation as the key to their success.   In any industry, certainly true of the divorce and legal industries, motivation to achieve goals requires determination and focus.  Whether seeking personal and professional gain, motivation is the secret to success and the downfall of many people.

Here are six ways to stay motivated to achieve your goals:

  • Celebrate and Reward:  Most people wait for large wins to celebrate and reward their victories.  Instead, take every opportunity to keep your spirits up and celebrate even the small wins.  By enjoying the everyday successes, the wins mount up instead of the adversities.  It does not have to be a full scale production party, but a nice lunch after finishing a big project gives you a boost to keep going.
  • Point of View:  When struggling with the ability to stay motivated, sometimes it helps change your point of view by changing your office space, shifting your routine, or altering the way you approach a problem.  By varying your approach and routines, sometimes the fog lifts and you are able to see a clearer route.
  • Look Back:  Looking back is often the best way to stay motivation.  Because the path to success is a set of small steps, it is easy to lose track of progress.  By taking a few minutes to review where you started and how far you have come in the process, you are able to increase motivation to keep going.
  • Evaluate Your Priorities:  Priorities that are out of alignment can cause unnecessary delays and decrease in motivation.  Just as life changes, priorities need to shift as well to meet demands.  Whether adding services or a member to the family, the importance and time allocation directly contribute to satisfaction with progress and motivation.  When you adjust your priorities to meet your actual goals, motivation increases to succeed.
  • Low-Hanging Fruit:  Setting lofty goals can easily produce decreased motivation when achievements progress slowly.  By identifying low-hanging fruit, or things that may easily be achieved, the To-Do list get shorter and the successes springboard into higher levels of motivation.
  • Build Strong Support:  With a strong team of people who support your decisions and know your goals, you have built in motivational unit ready to step in when your resolve is waning.

Everyone will confess that they are not motivated all of the time.  Having some easy tips to build up your motivation when the supply is low will help you move past the slump and get back into the game.

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