Roadmap for Marketing Your Peaceful Divorce Business

Peaceful Divorce Services

Peaceful Divorce Services

For many people, marketing a business is the “scary” part of running a successful peaceful divorce business.  The Divorce with Dignity Network gives their providers all of the marketing tools necessary to start their own business and grow their client base.

With 14 Divorce with Dignity providers based throughout California, Florida, and Illinois, the design of the business model and marketing strategy in the Divorce with Dignity Network is a proven turn-key solution for lawyers, paralegals and mediators seeking to expand their business services.

Some of our suggested marketing avenues for the Divorce with Dignity Network providers include:

  • Linkedin:  A strong Linkedin profile gives you the opportunity to let people know about your professional achievements.  Linkedin provides professional groups and connections for people seeking a divorce from a reputable provider.  According to Linkedin, a new professional person signs up every 8 seconds.
  • Yelp: As the highest ranking review site, great testimonials about services rank higher in search engines and give potential clients a realistic idea of what to expect.  Statistics show that testimonials increase conversions by as much as 23%.
  • Facebook / Twitter:  With the Divorce with Dignity Network, providers connect to each other and to share an audience / fan base.  Locating the posts and tweets by area of practice, the Divorce with Dignity providers are found in search engines.
  • PR Releases:  Encouraged to submit and publish press releases, Divorce with Dignity providers share the information about what is happening in their practice and expansion of their services.  Starting a steady stream of PR and articles gives you a schedule of quality links to your website and social media.
  • Interviews:  Connect with local media to get on their interview list.  By addressing television and radio shows with proposal and registering as an expert in your field, when media reporters need contacts for stories, you will be on their list to call.

The Divorce With Dignity Network has over 18 years of experience and give their providers all the marketing support and tools they need to be successful in building their practice and obtaining new clients.  We all know that online marketing changes by the minute, our Network has the most up-to-date marketing support so our providers can focus on doing the legal work and not on learning how to do online marketing.

When you are ready to take the leap into opening or adding divorce services to your legal or coaching services, call us at 1-800-459-5556 or email us at  to talk about your options.

Download the Divorce with Dignity Network FREE ebooks “How to Run a Successful Peaceful Divorce Business” and “The Benefits of becoming a DWD Provider” by choosing your category: Paralegals, Law Firms or Mediators.

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