Peaceful Divorce Coaching

Many potential Divorce With Dignity Providers ask about the nature of the assistance we provide clients surrounding their divorce. We take a holistic approach which, in addition to the services we provide, we often provide referrals to specialists such as mediators, financial counselors, therapists, and divorce coaches.

We recommend a divorce coach when our clients are in need of a trained professional who can help them manage the emotional issues that arise during a divorce, help them envision life after divorce, and assist them in developing goals and action plans to build their new lives.

As we talk with our clients and provide them with divorce planning and facilitation, we also perform a type of divorce coaching related to the peaceful divorce process. Part of our mission is to offer education about how a peaceful divorce may be obtained, and to guide our clients through the process. The ways in which we do this are:

We provide a safe place for our clients to openly discuss their situations.
People going through divorce usually feel vulnerable and scared. We strive to create an environment where clients feel comfortable and safe enough to talk about their circumstances and feelings. We ensure privacy, and give them our full attention during appointments.

We help them understand their options in the divorce process so they can make informed decisions.
Often, people who come into our office are unsure of how the divorce process works and what divorce options are available to them. We carefully explain the divorce process in their state/county, and show them how the peaceful non-litigated divorce option can save them a lot of time, stress, and money as long as they are willing to work together to create an agreement that is fair to all parties.

We help them resolve issues and work out fair divorce settlements.
Many people find they are in agreement on most issues, but have a few sticking points that they have not been able to agree on. We then work with them to identify these points of contention, offer suggestions of how they might be handled, and suggest how the couple might arrive at a settlement they both can live with.

We can advise them about parenting plans, custody arrangements, and child or spousal support.
Sometimes people just need to know what possibilities are open to them, or need help calculating what the amount of child or spousal support should be. Our Divorce With Dignity Provider owners have the training and experience to explain various options, and have access to software programs that calculate support amounts.

We help them establish a plan that fits their unique situation, and then aid in facilitating the plan.
We understand that every divorce is unique, and that there are many aspects that need to be planned for and dealt with. Complex issues might surface surrounding property, assets, debts, child support, spousal support, moving logistics, finances, emotional support, etc. We can help our clients establish a plan that is suitable for them, and support them in implementing that plan.

We provide guidance in finding the appropriate additional resources for their specific needs.
There are some issues that require expertise out of our scope. When appropriate, we will refer our clients to local professionals such as financial counselors, family therapists, mediators, or attorneys. Our goal is to assist our clients to accomplish a peaceful, amicable divorce, integrating all the resources they need to build a new, positive future.

Finally, we assist in document preparation and court filings.
The culmination of performing peaceful divorce services is that after we have guided our clients through the rough waters of developing a plan and getting access to the resources they need, we take on the task of preparing the appropriate documents and filing them with the court. This removes the burden from our clients of having to figure out the legal paperwork themselves.

Take Away
More than just a legal document service, we offer a way for people to get all the help they need to achieve a safe, cost-effective, and amicable divorce – with dignity. We invite independent legal professionals with an interest in Family Law, who want to serve their clients in a much more comprehensive way than just typing and filing court documents, to check out our website Peaceful Divorce Business.Com.

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