How would you like to:

  • Have your own Divorce Business
  • Control Your Own Destiny
  • Enjoy Professional and Financial Freedom
  • Have a Rewarding Legal Career
  • Increase revenue without additional overhead (Existing Law Firms and Mediators)

All this is possible – and more – with Divorce With Dignity.

Divorce With Dignity takes a whole new approach to divorce. We license to legal professionals to open their own Divorce With Dignity office and become a DWD Provider. Our Providers are independent divorce specialists who help clients obtain a divorce amicably and cost effectively. As a Divorce With Dignity Provider you can provide a safe place and comfortable environment for your clients to discuss and resolve the complicated issues of divorce.

Here are some of the benefits you pass on to your clients:

  • Help minimize divorce costs for your clients
  • Ease their stress by providing guidance, facilitation and support
  • Help clients reach a fair, agreeable outcome for both sides
  • Help them through the legal process
  • Clients may not have to go to divorce court and will save thousands of dollars

Enjoy the rewards of helping others through a smooth transition while creating financial freedom or growing your existing business. Divorce With Dignity supports you on your way to creating the life you want. Our system is already set in place, and we’ll help you take each step.

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