Managing the Divorce Services Team

Managing the divorce services team enable families to come through divorce in the healthiest way possible.

When it comes to divorce services businesses, all of them will take care of the legal forms and filings. Divorce lawyers, too, will handle the divorce paperwork, along with letters to and negotiations with the spouse’s attorney. But very few of them will help their clients with the many other aspects of life that are affected when people go through a divorce. This is what sets Divorce With Dignity divorce services from all the rest.

We take a holistic approach to the peaceful divorce services business. We seek to understand each client’s unique situation, and design a comprehensive plan to help the divorcing couple get through the divorce and start their new lives with peace, dignity, and a positive outlook. It’s a team approach, utilizing Provider service providers such as therapists, divorce financial analysts, life coaches, and more. In this way, we offer our clients a full Divorce Services Team.

Let’s say you are a Divorce With Dignity Network Provider. As the coordinator, you manage your clients’ Divorce Services Team by understanding the clients’ needs and putting together a plan to facilitate whatever other services might be needed (in addition to your own) to bring about a successful and holistic peaceful divorce.

To illustrate how this works, let’s take a look at an example case study.

Sally and Jeff have come to you for help in divorcing so they won’t have to go through the time, anguish and expense of a litigated divorce. They agree on most issues, but they need some assistance from a neutral third party to work out. Jeff has been the breadwinner of the family, while Sally was raising their three children. They own a home with a mortgage and Jeff has a 401k with his employer. They also have some credit card debt. Sally really wants to stay in the house with the children, but Jeff wants to sell the house and use his half of the money to help finance another home he wants to move into. Before the kids came along, Sally had worked as an assistant wedding photographer, but is unsure how she will start earning money again to support herself.

You have spoken in detail to both of them and realize they need some additional information and services. You also find out that they have informed their teenage daughter about their plan to divorce and she is not taking the news well. As for their two younger children, they haven’t told them about the divorce yet because they want to do it in the right way, but just don’t know how.

Now you suggest to them that they could benefit from some additional services.

First, they need to get clarity about their financial status and their options for dividing up their assets and debts, including the tax ramifications of each scenario. You refer them to a certified divorce financial analyst who can analyze their situation and educate them about their options. Then, once they have this information, you can help them work out a divorce agreement that works for everyone.

To address Sally’s concerns about her financial future, you could suggest she talk with a life coach or business coach to help her decide whether to look for a job or perhaps start her own photography business. You provide some referrals for her to contact, if she wishes.

To help the parents understand how to talk with their children about the divorce, you might tell them about a support organization such as Kids’ Turn (, and could suggest a family therapist to help their teenage daughter cope with her feelings about the divorce.

Divorce With Dignity differs from most other providers of divorce services because of this comprehensive and integrated approach to divorce and its effects on the family. By addressing the needs and concerns that are beyond just the legal paperwork, we enable families to come through the divorce in the healthiest way possible.

Are you a legal professional who would like to help divorcing people get through this very difficult time by doing more than just filling out and filing the legal forms? If so, we invite you to consider joining our Divorce With Dignity Network. You will have your own business, but still have the support and training that comes with being part of our Provider Network. Visit our website PeacefuylDivorceBusiness.Com to learn more about how joining our Network of divorce service professionals could enhance your career!

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