How to Start Your Own Uncontested Divorce Business

We make it easy for legal professionals to start their own uncontested divorce business.

Are you a paralegal, attorney or mediator who’s thinking about opening your own practice, and want to decide what’s the best, easiest and most financial-savvy way to get up and running?  Here are some pointers to help you figure out whether you should start on your own or join an existing service to establish your divorce business.

If you start your own uncontested divorce business, you will need to have the following at a minimum:

  • Name for your business, which should be:
    • Distinctive
    • Memorable
    • Easily spelled and pronounced
    • Suggest the products or services you offer
  • Location
  • Telephone number
  • Website
  • Business Plan
  • Pricing
  • Marketing Materials
  • Supplies
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Legal Forms
  • Office supplies

Then once you have your basics, you will need to get out and market your business both locally and online effectively using social networking to assist you with your web local marketing.

If you join an existing business network, such as the Divorce With Dignity Network, you will receive the following to get you started right away:

  • You will become part of a national network of peaceful divorce providers with the same mission
  • A name of your business that will immediately attract clients
  • Telephone number and basic telephone service
  • Website—your own unique page on a website that’s constantly being updated, has blogs and all the activity now required to attract more clients for your business
  • Marketing Materials
  • Two to three days of training on how to operate your own business, which also include:
    • Business Plan
    • Help with your pricing
    • Addition 12 weeks of training on marketing and local social networking
    • Support to help you achieve success and work with you through the issues you will have in starting your own business
    • Office supplies:
      • Software
      • Client packets specifically developed with and for you unique to your state/county’s requirements
      • Support from the other Divorce With Dignity providers who are all doing the same thing you are and working to be very successful with their business

So now you have to think about the costs, and be sure to include the amount of your time that it will take to get everything going.  Your time is very valuable—you could be using that time working to earn money.  Just run through the checklist and price each item.  There are some costs that are hard to figure out if you’re not sure of how to begin, such as the cost of a graphic designer for your marketing materials; the cost to develop a website—outsource this unless you’re a pro at developing websites.  In fact you should outsource everything that you don’t know how to do as you’ll spend hours trying to figure things out that can be very wasteful.

There’s no limit to what you can do, but you need to begin.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get going.  Just put one foot in front of the other, make a plan and get moving.  This is your life, your future—you can have a fulfilling career and really make a difference.  Get started now!

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