How to Market Divorce Services

Get up-to-date insights into building a small business marketing plan and inbound marketing with how to market divorce services.

In our recent blog post, “Divorce Services Business Marketing”, we offered some valuable tips for how to market divorce services. We now continue our interview with Divorce With Dignity Marketing Director, Bob Hennessey. Bob’s specialty is in developing small business lead generation marketing programs. In the last blog, he covered the following topics with regard to marketing divorce business services:

  • How small business marketing has changed over the last five years
  • Some strategies and tips for marketing a peaceful divorce services business

Now we’ll delve a little deeper and get his input on inbound marketing and developing a successful marketing plan.

What is inbound marketing, and how is it accomplished?

Inbound marketing is a new marketing method that has arisen to take advantage of the game-changing aspects of the Internet. Its philosophy is rooted in the realization and fact that the buyer/seller relationship has changed. With the Internet, buyers no longer want or need to wait to be contacted by sellers. Buyers of all products and services are going to the Internet to become better informed about the potential solutions to problems they are trying to solve.

Inbound marketing is accomplished by focusing your marketing communication efforts around the following principles:

  • Putting your customer’s needs and wants first, not yours
  • Not interrupting your potential customer with old school outbound marketing that can result in negative consequences; think unwanted telemarketing and email blasts that you might have received that you didn’t request.
  • Developing customer-centric marketing messages. Develop as much relevant quality content about your industry, customers and your business as possible.Your content should be helpful, and informative from your customer’s point of view, using such formats as:
  • Problem-solving articles
  • Customer profiles or case studies
  • Tips
  • Checklists
  • How-to’s
  • E-books
  • Myths
  • Things to avoid

Do not use hard-sell marketing content, as in “Look how great I am!” or “My business is for you, so buy now!” This will not work with today’s customers. For more on inbound marketing, click Small Business Inbound Marketing.

How does one go about developing a successful marketing plan?

I am glad you brought this subject up. The reason most small businesses do not have a successful business is because they fail to develop and execute a marketing plan.

You need a marketing plan to help you define success for your small business beyond, “I just want to make a lot of money.” A marketing plan will help you to analyze your current situation and establish performance criteria to achieve your profit goals.

Thinking about your business and committing your marketing goals and budget to paper is the first meaningful step towards a plan to succeed. Planning your marketing will also eliminate knee-jerk spending that usually results in wasting scarce financial resources that do not produce a return on investment.

Here are the basics I recommend as an outline for a small business marketing plan.

I.     Goals & Objectives

II.    Define Your Target Market

III.   Initial Marketing Assessment

IV.    Define Current Business Problems

V.     Outline Client Solutions

VI.    Create Customer-Centric Communications Messages

VII.   Provide Specific Marketing Recommendations

VIII.  Timetable of Marketing Activities

For more details click Small Business Marketing Plan.

Divorce With Dignity is a divorce services business with the goal of providing our clients a cost-effective and supportive way to achieve a amicable divorce with peace and dignity. We educate our clients about what to expect in the divorce process, guide them through the divorce maze, file the legal documents, and provide referrals as needed to other services such as mediators, therapists, financial coaches.

For legal professionals, the Divorce With Dignity Network offers a proven method, complete with ongoing training and support, for those who would like to start their own peaceful divorce services business. For existing legal businesses, it offers a way to create added value and increased revenue.

If you are considering adding Divorce With Dignity services to your already existing legal business, or if you would like to learn more about opening your own Divorce With Dignity business as part of our network of Providers, please visit our websitePeacefulDivorceBusiness.Com.


We want to help legal professionals across the United States own and operate a successful peaceful divorce services business. Training in marketing divorce services is just one way we can help. Let us show you how we can assist you in starting, managing, and growing your own peaceful divorce business – contact us now!

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