Getting Great Testimonials For Your Divorce Services Business – Part 1


With so many choices available to someone in the market for a product or service, it takes more than just a website or a brochure or even a social media presence to bring attention to your business. Nowadays, people tend to make purchasing decisions based on referrals from people who have personal experience with a particular business. Testimonials from satisfied clients can be one of your best marketing tools. They can be featured on your website, on your LinkedIn profile, on your Facebook business page, or in printed marketing materials. But getting great testimonials for your divorce services business can be challenging.

What exactly are testimonials? They are statements from past clients, explaining that they were pleased with your service, and why. The power of testimonials is that they can help your business to stand out in the increasingly crowded market.

The benefits of using testimonials in your marketing are three-fold:

  1. Testimonials calm your target audience – There are some unreliable business people out there who don’t deliver on their promises. Credible testimonials provide security and encourage a much more relaxed attitude in your potential clients.
  2. Testimonials assure quality – People don’t want mediocre – they are looking for high quality service providers. The fact that some of your past clients took the time to write a good recommendation reflects their satisfaction with the quality of your work.
  3. Testimonials give you an advantage – Given a choice between a service provider with testimonials and one without, the one with recommendations are much more likely to be selected.

There are different types of testimonials, usually categorized according to the source. Some testimonials come from experts, as when a doctor recommends a health supplement. Others come from celebities who tout everything from anti-wrinkle cream in infomercials to life insurance in TV ads. For owners of legal services businesses, the most effective type of testimonials are from satisfied customers.

But getting those testimonials can be tough. Not because your clients aren’t happy with their experience with you and your business, but because many people don’t feel comfortable writing, and don’t know what to talk about when recommending a business. In addition, writing an effective testimonial can be time consuming, and most people have very busy lives with many demands on their time. Asking your clients for a testimonial places a little bit of a burden on them. However, there is a way to alleviate this burden. In my next blog post, I’ll discuss how you can make it easier on the clients you ask for testimonials, and be able to gather a variety of great testimonials for your divorce services business!

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