Getting Clients For Your Peaceful Divorce Business

Those of us who have made our career in the peaceful divorce services field know how beneficial an amicable, negotiated, non-litigated divorce is compared to an antagonistic, battle-it-out-in-the-courts divorce. How can we reach out to people facing divorce to show them a better alternative to litigation? Our advertising materials can name the benefits, but we need to go a step further in our efforts to get clients for our peaceful divorce businesses.

What makes a client decide to hire you? Is the decision mainly based on your credentials? On your training? On your good looks? Actually, most clients are emotionally driven. They decide to hire you based on the feelings they get from their interactions with you, and then look for the rational, logical reasons after they’ve already made their decision.

You can make good use of this knowledge in your marketing. While you do want to let potential clients know about your training and credentials, you mainly want to focus your advertising on the benefits the person will receive if they decide to hire you – benefits that will speak to their emotions. And you’ll want them to connect with you as a person, someone they will feel comfortable with and confident in.

People are looking for solutions to their problems. When discussing the benefits of working with you, you want to paint a vivid picture of how the client’s life will be better, both while working with you and after. Describe it in dramatic detail so they can actually feel the experience even before it happens. For example, tell how it will feel for them to be able to work out a divorce settlement in a safe environment where both parties are trying to reach a mutually beneficial agreement instead of attacking each other in court to try to get the most each can for themselves. Talk about how working for a peaceful divorce will be easier emotionally for the children both during and after the divorce. And that the terms of a divorce agreement that has been formulated with input from both parties instead of dictated by a judge are more likely to be followed, thus avoiding further stress and conflict after the divorce.

Are they worried that it will take many, many months or even years to complete the divorce? You can ease their concerns by explaining the non-litigated divorce process and how it goes much faster than a litigated divorce. Are they feeling anxiety about how much money it will cost? You can allay their fears by telling them that by choosing to work with you to create a negotiated divorce, they can save thousands of dollars over hiring two divorce lawyers.

Share stories about other clients who are glad they decided to work with you. When people hear about others who felt it was the right decision to hire you, they are more likely to feel like it is the right decision for them, too.

Share your own story as well. Whether on your website, your printed materials, in telephone conversations or in person, show some emotion by speaking from the heart and connecting on a personal level. Let them know why you went into this field, and how you feel about helping people achieve peaceful, non-litigated divorce.

Having gone through a difficult divorce myself, I decided that I wanted to help people going through divorce to do it in a much more amicable and dignified way. So in 1995 I opened the first Divorce With Dignity office in Alameda, California, providing a safe place for people to talk about divorce, come to a divorce agreement that is fair and workable, and get the help they need to file the divorce paperwork with the courts. I’m pleased that I’ve been able to help thousands to achieve a peaceful divorce without litigation.

If you are a legal professional who would like to help people in this way, please visit our website and learn about the many benefits of owning your own peaceful divorce business as a Divorce With Dignity affiliate owner. The name itself resonates emotionally for people seeking a peaceful divorce, and your own webpage on our website is the perfect forum to tell your potential clients what you can do to help them get through it in the easiest way possible. In this way, getting clients for your peaceful divorce business can also be easier!

The author of this blog is not an attorney and the information contained in these blogs should not be considered legal advice. The information provided here is based on the experience of the author and some of her clients whose actual names are not mentioned. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of an attorney if you have any legal questions.

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