Five Steps to Staying Focused during the Holiday Season

Five Steps to Staying Focus during the Holiday Season


“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”― Bruce Lee

During the holiday season, many people find it hard to focus on work and getting things done as thoughts turn to holiday shopping, family visits, and chores start to stack up.  Time becomes a valuable commodity, so it would seem that every precious second would be golden in getting things done; however, with sugar plums dancing in our heads, concentration is at the top of most people’s wish list.

Here are six simple tips to staying focused during the holiday season:

  1. Get Organized:  With clutter comes confusion.  If there are sales papers on top of your sales reports, then you are going to have trouble charting a clear path to completing your tasks.  Start by taking all none work relating items out of your work area so that everything you need to be productive is right in front of you.
  2. Make a short TO-DO List:  Long lists tend to look daunting.  Often, making a short TO-DO list gives you a running start and a sense of accomplishment by knocking a few items off your list.  Plus, a short list adds up to a long list of accomplishments faster than if you stare at a long list trying to decide where to start.
  3. Prioritize Tasks:  Many people prioritize tasks by what has been on their list the longest or what has the shortest due date.  In truth, prioritizing tasks could be a matter of what will take the most time to complete.  If you can complete three simple things in an hour versus one thing in an hour, then it might be more beneficial to complete the three simple things.  Remember, these are YOUR priorities.  Is it more important to clear off the most things or to get rid of that one pressing project?
  4. Minimize Distractions:  For each person, the term the “distraction” means something different.  It might mean a social media like Facebook that consumes too much time.  Or, it might mean going through you email.  Especially during the holiday season, we all have distractions that burst in just as we get in a routine to interrupt our flow of concentration.  Even if you have to put sign on your door that says PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB FOR ONE HOUR – take the time to yourself to really focus on what you want to get done.
  5. Take Mini-Breaks:  Sometimes, we swing in just the opposite direction and “keep our nose to the grindstone” too much.  Studies show that without frequent breaks, mental and physical fatigue sets in with frustration and mistakes.  Taking frequent breaks gives your mind and body a chance to reset and relax.  Freshen up your coffee or hold a conversation or walk around to stretch – all of these will get your blood flowing and help you refocus your energies to start again.

From the end of October to the start of January, the holiday season rings with festivities, but every working person knows that business still has to get done.  With a these five extra steps, you can easily stay focused during the holiday season and get all of your work done on time with less stress and fuss.

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