Divorce with Dignity: Taking the Leap to Open a Divorce Business

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Most people procrastinate opening their own business because they are not sure that they are ready or unable to decide on the right type of business.

In truth, staring a divorce services business – like a marriage – is a long term relationship that will succeed with planning, attention, and support.

When trying to determine whether you are ready to take the leap to open a divorce services business or add divorce services to your current business offerings, these are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who is most suited to open a divorce business? – The most successful candidates to join the Divorce with Dignity Network are lawyers, paralegals and mediators. These professions have a strong background in legal services and consulting.
  • What strengths do I have to possess to be successful? – While guiding couples through the legal process of filing a divorce is not difficult, it does require attention to detail, knowledge of the process, ability to meet deadlines, and a good deal of empathy.
  • What support is available for my peaceful divorce business? – The Divorce with Dignity Network provides you with everything you need to open your own successful divorce practice.  With 14 providers throughout Illinois, Florida, and California, The Divorce with Dignity Network has a proven track record for helping establish profitable peaceful divorce services businesses.
  • Do I feel passionate about offering divorce services?  – Divorce is often frustrating and overwhelming for most couples, so you have to feel comfortable about your ability to guide them through the paperwork jungle.  Helping people achieve an amicable divorce is so much more satisfying than helping them litigate.  Your clients really appreciate the service you offer and you will have a very satisfying legal career.

With the proper due diligence, divorce services can be a profitable addition to any legal or coaching practice.  Divorce services help create or expand opportunities for those seeking a new business or adding an additional profit center to an existing practice.

When you are ready to take the leap into opening or adding divorce services to your legal or coaching services, call us at 1-800-459-5556 or email us at info@dwdignity.com  to talk about your options.

Download the Divorce with Dignity Network FREE ebooks “How to Run a Successful Peaceful Divorce Business” and “The Benefits of becoming a DWD Provider” by choosing your category: Paralegals, Law Firms or Mediators.

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