Divorce With Dignity Provider Spotlight…Zaïda Z. Bridgford, Esq.

Sacramento, CA attorney Zaïda Bridgford talks about her motivation to strike out on her own and offer
peaceful divorce services.

Zaïda began by telling us after sixteen years of working in various capacities in the legal field, she wanted to take control of her own career. Having served as a legal secretary, law clerk, certified law student, and legal researcher, she had gained experience in many facets of the law. Subsequently, as a paralegal, she spent five years in the family law division of the Superior Court of Sacramento, California, serving as an information resource for people who were representing themselves in divorce proceedings. Starting my own practice and combining the philosophy and business opportunity of Divorce With Dignity just seemed a perfect fit.

What made you decide to become a Divorce With Dignity (DWD) Provider?

In the family law courts I dealt with many kinds of people with various levels of education and income, and in many different emotional states. I saw them experience a lot of frustration, not knowing what to do or how to handle their divorce. I felt there had to be a better alternative.

Then I found Divorce With Dignity, and realized it was the perfect way to start my own business and benefit from a strong brand and receive valuable help in all the aspects of running your own business. As a proven business model in the divorce services market, I knew I could capitalize on the benefits of being part it of a successful independent business network.

Tell us about the Provider support and training you received. What was most helpful?

Learning how to network was a skill I needed to become more proficient in my marketing. I was advised to have a “script” that tells people what I do and how I do it. It was kind of a new thing to have to market myself, but I was encouraged to keep practicing the script, get comfortable with it, and not be afraid to talk with people. It’s important to understand that you won’t always be talking with someone who will be a client, but that person might know someone who needs your service, or someone might overhear you talking.

Networking gives people the opportunity to associate myself with a familiar name like Divorce With Dignity. It immediately communicates the benefit I offer people and it’s easy to remember, when they need to contact me in the future.

What advice would you give to people who are considering joining the Divorce With Dignity Network?

I would tell them to do their homework. When I was considering joining, my husband and I did some research on the Divorce With Dignity Network. I wanted to vet the Network to find out, if it was just a “passing fancy” or if it was a real business opportunity. We learned that Divorce With Dignity has been around for 17 years and we found a lot of positive reviews. Our research proved that this is a strong Network, and the fact that I saw other attorneys as members of the Network also gave it a lot of credibility to me.

What advice would you give to a person just starting their own Divorce With Dignity business?

As soon as you make the decision to join, start your preparations right away. Coming out of that training, I knew all the things I had to take care of before opening the business.

Also, be aware that it’s going to take time. Just because you open your door to business doesn’t mean people will walk in right away. But with persistence, you will see results.

How has becoming an independent Divorce With Dignity Provider affected your life?

It enables me to differentiate myself. When I first told friends I was jumping into my own practice, they were happy for me and but also terrified for me. But when I told them about the Divorce With Dignity Network, it seemed to boost their confidence as well as my own. I was not just jumping out into the market place alone – I was going out there with a plan and a partner that will help me be successful. I know I am achieving more success as part of the DWD Network than I could on my own.

If you know someone who is in need of peaceful divorce services in Sacramento County California please contact Zaïda she would be delighted to help. Zaïda can be reached at:

Zaïda Z. Bridgford, Esq.
Divorce With Dignity – Sacramento
1104 Corporate Way
Sacramento, CA 95831
Phone:  916-349-4229

To learn more about owning your own peaceful divorce services business and join the Divorce with Dignity Network, please contact us.

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