Divorce With Dignity Provider Spotlight Sabrina P. Martire, J.D.

This Divorce With Dignity Provider began her interest and passion for law at the age of five. She would daydream about “objecting in court and filling out endless pages of legal documents”. Now, with a Paralegal Certificate, a Juris Doctorate, and over 10 years of legal experience, Sabrina Panetta Martire is living her dream as an independent divorce services professional. But instead of spending her time “objecting in court”, she advocates for peaceful divorce and helps people get through their divorces without litigation.

In this Divorce With Dignity Provider Spotlight, we share a conversation we had with Sabrina, who has just finished her first year as a Divorce With Dignity Provider, to see what motivates her and brings her success.

So, Sabrina, what made you decide to become a DWD Provider?

Well, I began my legal journey about 10 years ago in a Family Law firm and I knew I wanted to do something in family law when it came time for me to strike out on my own. I was doing some online research and I stumbled across an ad for Divorce With Dignity that said they were looking for more Bay Area Providers.

And what made you want to advocate for peaceful divorce solutions?

I just had seen way too many divorces, nasty divorces, when I was working in the Family Law firm. I really hated to see how the kids suffered, and it made me want to become an attorney that helps children. Although in Divorce With Dignity I don’t work directly with kids, I know I am helping them succeed in their lives because in an amicable divorce they will have both parents available to love and support them.

How has becoming a DWD Provider affected your life?

Well, it has certainly broadened my vision as to the spectrum of different people in the world! And it has shown me that Family Law doesn’t have to mean couples fighting over alimony and the kids. It’s tough at first, but they can get through it without becoming enemies. Before DWD when I was working on litigated divorces, I used to hate myself for what I felt was my part in ruining a family when a divorce went badly, and that felt horrible. Now I feel like I can go home to my family and not be angry and bitter, knowing I helped another family to continue working together.

When you joined the Divorce With Dignity Network, you received a lot of training. What did you find the most helpful?

I think just sitting down with you and going through the business side of things in detail. I knew the legal side of things, but had not learned how to develop a business model. You helped me with that, and taught me to plan several years ahead.

As part of the DWD Network, you have the other members as mentors. What has been the best advice you have received from them? 

Last year in one of our Network conference calls during the holiday season, a lot of providers (including myself) were worried because new business had really slowed down. One provider said that it is like this every year during the holidays, and you just have to work through it and be patient. That helped me to hang in there, and lo and behold, on January 2nd I got two new clients.

What advice would you give to a person who is just starting their own DWD business?

That they really need to know the local family court rules – you don’t want to have all your paperwork rejected on a small technicality. Familiarize yourself with your county’s regulations.

Also, must have patience. Make sure you have financial backup, because the first few months can be stressful if you don’t already have clients lined up. Networking is essential, because this kind of business is based on word-of-mouth referrals. BNI (Business Networking International, www.bni.com) has probably been my strongest marketing tool.

One more thing – you must have good follow-up with your potential and existing clients. When one of them emails you, send a quick email response and make sure you follow up with a phone call within 24 hours.

Do you think you are achieving more success by being a DWD Provider than you would have on your own?   

Definitely! Because people know that you provide impeccable service, your Divorce With Dignity organization has an excellent reputation. I have found that about half of my referrals come from the Divorce With Dignity website.

If you know someone who is in need of peaceful divorce services in Contra Costa County California please contact Sabrina she would be delighted to help. Sabrina can be reached at:

Divorce With Dignity – Contra Costa
12 Crow Canyon Court, No. 100
San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone: 925-262-2036

Take Away
Are you looking for a way to use your legal skills to help families get through divorce in the most peaceful, supportive, and cost-effective way possible? To learn more about owning your own peaceful divorce services business and join the Divorce with Dignity Network, please visit our website PeacefulDivorceBusiness.com to learn more.

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