Divorce With Dignity Affiliate Owner Spotlight

Christine Marinkovich, CEO of her own Divorce With Dignity business, always knew she wanted to be a legal professional. Due to life events, that dream was put on hold for more than a decade. But after her thirteen-year marriage ended, she pursued and obtained her Paralegal Certification, also earning a Certificate of Distinction in Family Law, Torts and Personal Injury.

But jobs with law firms were hard to come by. Then a friend told her about one of the ads I placed on Craigslist for the Divorce With Dignity Network. She called, we talked, and she told me everything “clicked” – she had found what she had always wanted to do. She joined our Network in October of 2010, and she now has a career she loves as our Broward County, Florida affiliate owner. I’ve asked her to share with us some of her experiences and tips.

What did you like best about the training you received when you joined the Divorce With Dignity (DWD) Network?

I loved that you came out to Florida from California to meet with me, and go over everything that you do in this business, step-by-step. That’s the best kind of training.  I’m also glad you got me signed up for the “Get Clients Now” business coaching program, where I learned how to make my business profitable.

What are some advantages of being part of the DWD Network?

We have monthly conference calls where not only do we learn more about the business from you, we also learn from each other. For example, we share with each other what kind of advertising has worked best for us, and what has been wasted advertising money. For me, a yellow page ad got no results, but my ads on Google and Craigslist did.

How has becoming an independent DWD affiliate owner affected your life?

Although having my own business can be stressful, I like being able to make my own hours. As a single mom of three children, this is important to me. And I find real personal satisfaction doing this work. I like knowing that I’m saving my clients thousands of dollars as I help them come to a peaceful agreement instead of arguing and fighting and trying to get all they can out of each other. I show them how it doesn’t have to be a battle in the courts, and how to move forward in a positive way for the sake of their kids. I find it gratifying to hear from my clients that it was a good experience for them.

Any tips you’d like to share with those who are considering joining our Network?

Take advantage of all the training that comes with being a DWD affiliate owner. Be aware that as with any new business, it will take time to get your name out there and become known. But with consistent work and following the Divorce With Dignity business model and your business/marketing plan (that you get help developing), you can make this a very successful and profitable enterprise.


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