Divorce With Dignity Provider Spotlight…Christine Marinkovich

A Divorce With Dignity Provider helps others attain a peaceful divorce with dignity and finds a new career as an independent paralegal.

Life often takes unplanned turns and detours, but sometimes these changes lead us to new ventures that become transforming and rewarding. Christine Marinkovich, our Divorce With Dignity Network Provider in Broward County, Florida is a case in point.

Christine always wanted to work in the legal field and started law school right after her college graduation. But marriage and family put her career plans on hold. Thirteen years and three children later, divorce changed her life plans and she decided to pursue a legal career again. She realized she did not have the time or money to go back to law school, so she decided to get her Paralegal Certificate.

After certification, she found it difficult to find a position in a law firm – most wanted at least five years of experience. When she did find something, it was a low-paying job and didn’t allow her to work in family law, the area which interested her most.

One day a friend of hers told her about an ad she saw on Craigslist for becoming a Divorce With Dignity licensee. She called to find out more. “It just clicked – it was what I wanted to do, something I had always wanted to do.”

Christine joined the Divorce With Dignity Network in the autumn of 2010. I recently asked her to share a little about her experience in becoming a Divorce With Dignity Provider.

What did you find most helpful in your initial Divorce With Dignity (DWD) training?

You taught me what has worked and what hasn’t, so I could benefit from your experience. Another thing that was very helpful was introducing me to business coaching. The coaching that we get as Divorce With Dignity Network members teaches us how to improve our business and make it more profitable. And I really appreciate how in the monthly conference calls you always communicate new things that will benefit us.

What advice would you give to a person just starting their own Independent Paralegal business?

You get out of it what you put into it. You need to get your name out there and become known. Start with talking with your friends and getting an online presence on the Divorce With Dignity website. Then put some effort into advertising and going to networking events. It’s also helpful to find some networking partners. For me, I found a few networking groups that are centered on helping children whose parents are divorcing, and we cross-promote.

Do you think you are achieving more success by being a Divorce With Dignity Provider than you could on your own?

Absolutely, the Divorce With Dignity name is a big draw – people love the name and it sticks with them. And because it’s a trusted Network that has been around for a while, people trust you because of your affiliation with it. It gives you “credentials”.

How do you feel about helping people get through a peaceful divorce?

Having gone through a horrific four-year-long divorce situation in my family as a child, I wanted to help people get through it in a much more positive way. Becoming a Divorce With Dignity Provider enables me to do just that, making a huge difference in the lives of those having to go through the difficulty of a divorce.

If you know someone who is in need of peaceful divorce services in the Broward County area of south Florida please contact Christine she would be delighted to help. Christine can be reached at:

Christine Marinkovich, CEO
Divorce With Dignity-Broward County
6052 NW 73rd Ct.
Parkland, FL 33067
P:  954-734-9560

If you would like to learn more about owning your own peaceful divorce services business and join the Divorce With Dignity Network, please contact us.

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