Divorce Services Business Success – What Does It Mean?

Defining what is means to achieve success in a divorce services business or any small business is critical to success. Nobody becomes a business owner with the intention of not being successful. But what exactly does it mean to achieve divorce services business success?

Well, let’s start by defining some terms.

  • Divorce services = planning and facilitation services for people going through divorce
  • Success = “the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted” (from www.TheFreeDictionary.com)
  • Business success = ah, there’s the rub!

“Business success” can be defined in so many ways. Ask 10 people what it means to them, and you’ll probably get 9-10 different answers. TheFreeDictionary.com defines a successful business as “one that meets the needs of the general public, its investors, and its employees”. But I doubt that this is what most people think if when they think in terms of what their business success would be.

In an interesting article, at Under 30 CEO an online media platform covering news, advice, trends, and events about early stage businesses, in the article 62 Business Leaders Answer: What Does Success Mean to You?, there were two that really stood out to me in particular –

“Success, for me, isn’t measured through superficial metrics such as money. Rather, I believe success is measured through the positive impact you have on the lives of others…” – Mo Al Adham, co-founder of TwitVid.com, www.TwitVid.com.

“To me, success means working toward my dreams. As long as I keep moving in the right direction I feel successful.” Cara Newman, Editor, Young Money http://youngmoney.com.

So, what does “divorce services business success” mean to you?

  • Does it involve the number of clients you have?
  • Is it your profit margin?
  • The ability to have a better work/life balance?

Does it have to do with helping others get through a very difficult time in their lives in the most peaceful, supportive and cost-effective way?

As the Cheshire cat told Alice, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” (Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll) It is vitally important to your business success to know where you want to go (i.e., your definition of business success) so you can take the right road there. Take the time to define what this is for you. Don’t get trapped on how someone else defines it.

Whatever you decide is your definition for your divorce services business success, it’s going to take some concentrated effort for you to achieve it (no big surprise there). The disheartening statistics show that:

  •     27% of all small businesses fail in 3 years or less
  •     55% of all small businesses fail in 5 years or less
  •     82% of all small businesses fail in 10 years or less

Source: Dun & Bradstreet’s Business Failure Record

Why do so many businesses fail? According to the Small Business Administration, it is largely due to poor management. New entrepreneurs may have big dreams and a passion for their work, but may not have all the management skills they need to keep their business going in the right direction. But don’t let the statistics discourage you from starting your own business. There are steps you can take to mitigate the risks.

What can you do to promote success in your divorce services business?

  • If you feel a lack of knowledge in the areas of financing, cash-flow analysis, business taxes, marketing, etc., find ways to educate yourself or get help from an expert.
  • Make sure you have sufficient capital. It takes more than you think to start and run a business, and you will need to have enough to cover your business and personal expenses while you build your business.
  • Develop a strong business plan. You can get help with this from the Small Business Administration or from SCORE.
  • Have an ongoing marketing system.
  • Once you’ve got things rolling, don’t forget to frequently re-evaluate your business management plan.

Another way to improve the chances of your divorce services business success is to get the training and ongoing support that comes with joining the Divorce With Dignity Network. As an Provider business owner, you have your own business, but also the benefits of expert advice and proven business management techniques. You start with a nationally recognized business name and a webpage on the Divorce With Dignity website (which will generate referrals), as well as help in developing your unique business plan. To learn about theProvider support benefits that come with being a Divorce With Dignity Network Provider, please visit our website at PeacefulDivorceBusiness.Com. We would love to help you achieve your divorce services business success goals!

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