Divorce Services Business Marketing

The Divorce With Dignity Network offers expert advice and support in divorce services business marketing.

Most people who start their own divorce services business, have considerable expertise in their field and are good at what they do. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of thinking this is enough, that somehow the word will get out about their business and skill, and clients will naturally come to their door. They may establish a website, put together a brochure, and get a boxful of business cards, but that isn’t enough.

You need strategic marketing activities as well. For some tips on divorce services business marketing, we went to our own Divorce With Dignity Marketing Director, Bob Hennessey. Bob has over 35 years of senior level strategic marketing expertise, with a specialty in developing customer-centric marketing lead generation programs.

How has small business marketing changed over the last 5 years?

Small business marketing has changed radically over the last five years. The influence of the Internet on all marketing, including for small businesses, has been the biggest game changer. The Internet has changed three critical aspects of marketing:

  1. The balance of power in the buyer/seller relationship has been altered forever

    Previously, almost all knowledge about products and services came from the seller. Now buyers are dictating to sellers because the Internet has expanded and created new sources of information about the products and services and problems we want to solve beyond just sellers. Now over 75% of people go first to the Internet to find or gather information about products and services.

  2. The ability to communicate globally

    Whether it is your website, company blog, or using social media, the Internet allows just one person to be heard by hundreds, thousands and even millions because of its reach and access to a global community.

  3. The cost of distributing marketing communications

    The Internet has dramatically reduced the cost of producing and distributing your marketing message. There are free website and blog software options that allow every business, even a one-person business, to have a professional platform to talk to their target audience. In addition, websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook allow anyone to find and communicate to mass audiences or to the smallest niche markets.

For all of these reasons, Internet marketing should be the centerpiece of all small business marketing activities today.

What are some strategies and tips for marketing a peaceful divorce services business?

The best strategy for marketing a peaceful divorce services business is to focus on making personal connections. The divorce services business is all about helping people through a difficult transition in their life. I would recommend networking on a local basis and using the Internet locally too. Some marketing activities I would suggest are:

  • Join two or three local networking groups around your county.
  • Volunteer to give a 20-minute presentation to local community groups, i.e. the women’s club, library, civic organizations, and the like.
  • Use public relations and offer to be interviewed by your local newspapers and radio stations around the county.
  • Drop flyers or post your business card at beauty salons where possible.
  • Institute a Refer-a-Friend Promotion as you conduct your networking activities, say a $20.00 gift certificate to a local restaurant for referring an Provider (this can be used with your clients too).
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and use it to promote your business. Join LinkedIn groups where your potential clients might be hanging out.

Marketing Tips:

    • Use the Internet to socialize. This means –
      • have a Twitter account
      • have a Facebook business page
      • get listed on Google Places for Business,
      • and, if possible, do small business blogging
  • Set up a marketing activities list and calendar and do something everyday.
  • Marketing needs to be 50-80% of your daily activities, depending upon the stage of business-building you are in.
  • Remember, word-of-mouth is the best and most cost-efficient form of marketing, and social media is digital word-of-mouth marketing – so use it often.

When you become an Provider owner, we provide ongoing training and advice. We are committed to your success and are happy to share our business knowledge to help you at any time. Learn more about Provider owner opportunities atPeacefulDivorceBusiness.Com.

The Internet has changed divorce services business marketing and marketing for all businesses. Networking and local Internet marketing are the most efficient and cost effective methods of generating sales leads.