Divorce Services Brand Building Using Facebook

Key tips on how to use Facebook to build your divorce services brand.

First, it is important to define the word “brand” and how it affects your business. Your business brand is how your clients and prospects perceive your business, the images and perceptions that come to mind when people think of your business. A good business brand will –

  • Convey your message clearly
  • Connect with your target audience on an emotional level
  • Establish your credibility and trustworthiness

So how will your business connect with your prospective clients, project your business message, and build trust? You may want to consider Facebook as an important social media platform that is ideal for building your local brand. According to Hubspot.com, 93% of U.S. adults are on Facebook. The opportunity for reaching your target audience using Facebook is therefore unparalleled.

Brand building on Facebook is done with a Facebook Page. This is a public profile where you can share information about your divorce services business, post relevant articles, and have ongoing conversations with people who have “liked” your page. And, when they connect with your page and interact with you, it generates postings on their profiles that their friends can see, multiplying your business brand exposure. To set up your Business Page, you will need your own personal Profile first. Then click on the “Create A Page’ link at the bottom right of your Profile, and Facebook will walk you through the process. Remember to use relevant keywords on your Business Page that will help people to find you.

Facebook also has social plug-ins that you can add to your website. These plugins allow people to perform Facebook activities such as “liking” an article or commenting on it without leaving your site, while it posts to their Facebook friends’ news feeds with a link to your website. Pretty nifty!

Once your Business Page is set up, implement your message plan according to your posting schedule (see “How To Create A Divorce Services Social Media Plan”). At first, aim for posting at least once a week, and build up to several times a week. You can update your status with your latest blog entry, industry news, mentions in the press, and the like.

To create more visibility for your business brand, consider running Facebook Ads.You don’t need a huge advertising budget to get results. Start small, even just $5 per day, and see how it works for you. Facebook allows you to target your ads based on such things as demographics, interests, and location – so having a clear and specific idea of who your target audience is will make your Facebook ad campaign more productive.

Knowing who your target audience is will also help you create content that will appeal to them. As a divorce services business, you may want to post tips and articles that focus not only on the divorce process, but also on other topics that could be relevant such as dealing with stress, how to negotiate, how to help children through a divorce, etc. Encourage interaction by posing questions at the end of an article. For example, you could ask for suggestions on how your readers deal with stress, or ask for their thoughts on the advantages of peaceful divorce. Ask for feedback or questions about articles you have posted. This will generate an ongoing conversation with your followers.

From time to time, you may get some negative about your business. How you handle these negative comments will speak volumes about your business’s integrity and professionalism. Use these negative comments as opportunities to correct misperceptions or suggest alternate possibilities. For the way-out-there comments, respond by bringing the focus back to the topic.

Remember your business brand is all about how potential clients (or people who know your potential clients) perceive your business. You can use Facebook to help shape these perceptions by getting visibility, offering useful information to your readers, and demonstrating your professionalism.

You can get a head start on your brand development by becoming a Divorce With Dignity Provider. You will have your own business, but would be part of the Divorce With Dignity Network, and benefit from using our recognized brand. By collaborating with Divorce With Dignity you will be able to establish your local brand faster. The additional benefits of derived from affiliating your business with the Divorce With Dignity brand would that it:

  • clearly conveys how what your business is all about
  • connects with your audience on an emotional level
  • helps establish your credibility and trustworthiness

Capitalizing on this established brand you can further enhance your brand locally by adding your own personal “stamp”.

If you would like to learn more about the many other benefits of being part of our Network, please visit our website at PeacefulDivorceBusiess.Com.

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