Divorce With Dignity Provider Requirements

We are committed to ensuring the excellence of our Provider network. To this end the following requirements are required of all Divorce With Dignity Providers.

  1. A belief that couples should not stay in unhappy relationships and divorce can be a New Beginning for them.
  2. A knowingness that at one time, all divorcing couples really had a strong love for each other and they now wish to part amicably with respect and dignity.
  3. A belief that you will do all you can to help couples through the process with respect, fairness and dignity.
  4. A belief in yourself that you will always do the best you can.
  5. An agreement that you will do everything possible to help couples divorce amicably; if that is not possible, your client signs the Release Form indicating that you have provided them with all the information to get through this amicably, that they have done everything possible to get through this amicably, and stating the reasons why this is not possible in their case.
  6. You will take an active part in doing everything in your power to operate the business in a professional and reliable manner to maintain the standards achieved by Divorce with Dignity and maintain steady growth.
  7. A strong desire to have your own business knowing that you will also have to market your business
  8. You also must have the following; if you do not, then you must indicate how soon these will be accomplished:
    • You have all the credentials required to process divorces in your state.
    • You understand the legal process and legally what’s required to obtain a divorce in your state.
    • You know how to do the legal documents to process a divorce in your state.
    • You are able to fulfill all your state’s requirements to process divorces either as an attorney or a non-attorney.
    • You have experience in processing divorces.
  9. You do not alter the Trademarks in any way without written permission from the Licensor.
  10. At a minimum, you provide divorce assistance with divorce planning and facilitation and the legal documents.
  11. The financial means to pay for the license and support yourself for the three to six months that it will take to get your business running.

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