Divorce Services Business Market

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The divorce services market is comprised of a diverse set of divorce service options for those seeking a divorce. It is also important to note that 95-98% of all divorce cases in the US settle without going to trial.

Divorce Services Business Options

1.  The traditional option for those divorcing is hiring a lawyer trained as a litigator,
thus bringing an adversarial approach to divorce, and is at the top of the cost
ladder for divorce services.

2.  A second option is to hire a collaborative practice law firm. Each party in the
divorce hires their own collaborative attorney and other family/financial
professionals to try to achieve a settlement and not litigate the divorce.
This can be costly since each party has to hire their own collaborative attorney,
financial planner and other support services.

2.  The next option is a mediation firm that will bring the divorced parties to dissolution
of the marriage contract at a slightly lower cost than using a lawyer and without
going to trial.

3.  Another option is an amicable or peaceful divorce that is significantly less costly
than using a lawyer or mediation. Divorce With Dignity is representative of this type
of divorce service.

4.  The last type is the newest addition to divorce service options spawned by the
Internet and known as an online or forms only divorce service. The best known of
these is LegalZoom®. This divorce service simply provides the legal forms for an
uncontested divorce and is the lowest cost divorce option.

Divorce With Dignity Market Position

Divorce With Dignity occupies a middle ground in the divorce services marketplace for those people seeking an uncontested divorce. More than an online forms service but less than legal mediation or litigation. Divorce With Dignity offers personal guidance and facilitation to those seeking a peaceful or collaborative divorce.

The price of our services is also in the lower middle range of divorce services. Divorce With Dignity offers its services at a price point significantly less than a lawyer, on the low side of mediation costs and slightly higher than an impersonal online forms only divorce service option.

Divorce With Dignity divorce services Providers are independent businesses recruited from the ranks of legal professionals. Either these legal professionals are those with paralegal training, mediators or individual attorneys who embrace the peaceful divorce approach first to divorce as a philosophy of their law practice. These legal professionals benefit their clients from their local knowledge and experience having worked in the legal system, which is an important advantage since divorce procedures are local and state law mandated.

Divorce Services Market Position Strengths

The benefits of Divorce With Dignity, (DWD), in the divorce services market are as follows:

  • We can serve 95-98% of the Divorce Services Market
  • We offer a lower middle, value-add price point in the cost of divorce services
  • Our providers are legal professionals with local experience & knowledge of the courts
  • We offer paralegals a new path to success with owning their own business
  • We offer law firms and mediation firms a new revenue stream without adding overhead
  • Divorce With Dignity highly marketable brand name
  • We offer caring and dedicated legal professionals that effect a peaceful divorce in a safe place while guiding our clients through the divorce maze
  • Over 18 years of proven success of operating a a successful Divorce With Dignity divorce services business

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