Why Join with Divorce With Dignity?

The Divorce With Dignity Network is made up of independent divorce specialists who help people obtain a peaceful divorce using alternative, cost effective amicable divorce methods. Providers provide a safe place and comfortable environment for clients in which to discuss the complicated issues of divorce, helping them to divorce as amicably as possible…without all the expensive legal fees typically associated with a contested divorce.

Divorce planning and facilitation is the core service offering for our Providers. With this service, you educate and inform your clients so they know what to expect in the divorce process. You guide them through the divorce maze, and depending upon their needs, provide unlimited referrals and coach them in communicating with divorce attorneys, mediators, etc. which helps them save money and help them stay in control of the process.

Your referrals could include: counselors; conflict resolution; legal services, such as mediators or attorneys; and other services, such as: real estate (agents, appraisers, brokers); movers; career counselors; divorce financial help; and support groups, such as hiking, skiing, single groups, divorce support groups, etc. Our Providers and the Divorce With Dignity method take a holistic approach to divorce so that all your clients’ needs are met.

Divorce With Dignity Peaceful Divorce Services Client Benefits

    • Your services help minimize divorce costs for your clients
    • You provide guidance, facilitation and support during a stressful time
    • You offer a neutral and safe place to assist clients in reaching decisions to achieve an uncontested peaceful divorce
    • You prepare the legal documents and the forms for your clients and file them with the court
    • With this process, your clients do not have to go to divorce court & literally save many thousands of dollars

Besides peaceful divorce services, many of our Providers also provide additional legal document preparation assistance in the following areas:

Join the movement, help yourself and help others find a New Beginning. This is your opportunity to make a difference doing worthwhile work and earning a great living at the same time. Be the change maker you want the world to hear about, make an impact on people’s lives and grow and expand your own life—both professionally and financially.

If a peaceful divorce services business appeals to you, call 800-459-5556 the Divorce With Dignity Network and learn how to become a licensee, or contact us now!