Our Story

The Divorce With Dignity Network offers a proven method and a superior lifestyle opportunity for those legal professionals seeking their own business, or it can create a new value-add and incremental revenue center to an existing legal business.

Our Mission Statement
We help legal professionals across the United States own and operate a successful peaceful divorce services business.

Now is the time to capitalize on your legal skills and professional legal experience with Divorce With Dignity.

Our Divorce With Dignity Providers are all legal professionals either paralegals or lawyers. Our Providers are all divorce specialists and meet the requirements of their state; they are paralegals, attorneys or legal documents assistants, (LDA’s a California requirement).

The story of DWD began when our founder, Cindy Elwell, a legal professional like you, started the Divorce With Dignity, (DWD), concept back in the early 1990’s. After experiencing her own difficult divorce that caused the standard of living for her family to drop considerably she had an idea. She explains in her own words, “As my children finished college, I decided that I wanted to help people going through a divorce and provide a safe place for them to do so.  So in 1995, I opened the first Divorce With Dignity office in Alameda, California and since then have helped thousands of people obtain an amicable divorce.”

Hearing Cindy’s story it’s clear why becoming a Divorce With Dignity Provider is such a compelling opportunity for legal professionals like you.

Our current Providers talk about the tremendous potential for growth that a Divorce With Dignity Provider affords them. They brag about finally achieving the work/life balance they didn’t have while working for others. And they rave about their freedom and the future they are now building with Divorce With Dignity. Many Providers refer to DWD as a fulfilling lifestyle business.

Throughout this site, you will have an opportunity to listen to our Providers and hear their stories. Once you do, we’re confident you’ll be even more eager to join our network.

The most successful legal services system for legal professionals, we are driven by ongoing training and a commitment to serve our Providers.

They say that people retain only a small fraction of what they are taught and that their grasp on that information erodes surprisingly quickly. So it is no secret that traditional quick-fix training seminars often don’t provide lasting results.

That’s why Divorce With Dignity is so effective and so in-demand. Our system is designed to create lasting performance improvement and ROI through training and support, a process insisted on by DWD that is ongoing and builds on the prior experiences and successes of the entire network of Providers.

Through high-quality marketing support, web based, and personal training, you build the techniques to serve your clients and can increase your client base through their referrals.

Join us on a journey to discover if becoming a Divorce With Dignity Network Provider is right for you!