21 Reasons To Have The Best Law Job By Having Your Own Divorce Practice

Are you a legal professional on a search for where to find the best jobs in law? I’ll let you in on a little secret. The best job in law is the one which enables you to be independent, enjoy your work, and have no limits on your income potential. The best job in law is owning your own legal services business, and one of the best niches in this industry is the divorce legal services business. Divorce With Dignity is a great business opportunity for the legal professional looking for career enhancement. Want some reasons why? Here’s a list of 21 reasons why having your own divorce practice is the best law job you could want.

  1. Pursue your passion. You likely got into the legal profession because you have an affinity for law and a desire to enable people to have access to legal help. Having your own legal services business allows you to do what you love doing!
  2. Create something from the ground up. It’s exciting to start a business and watch it grow and succeed!
  3. Set your own schedule. Do you need to pick up your kids after school? Would you like to come in to the office a little later to avoid rush hour traffic? You can create your work schedule around your own lifestyle.
  4. Gain flexibility. You decide what your office hours will be and when to take a vacation or some time off for a class.
  5. Work less (eventually). The first years of growing your business will take a lot of extra time and effort, but once established you should be able to take a little more time off than an office job would allow, especially if you have hired assistants to do time-consuming tasks that do not require your expertise.
  6. Reduce your commute. No longer tied to an employer’s location, you are free to find office space closer to your home.
  7. Work where you want. Your work doesn’t have to all be done in the office; you can do some things from home or anywhere else.
  8. Create your own environment. You can design your office setup and ambiance to reflect your own style.
  9. You call the shots. The decisions are all yours!
  10. Help others. As a provider of divorce legal services, you will help people navigate a very confusing legal process. When I founded Divorce With Dignity in 1995, my goal was to help people through a very difficult time by not only assisting them with the legal paperwork for a cost-effective non-litigated divorce, but also helping them plan and negotiate a divorce agreement in a peaceful manner, and providing referrals to professionals in other fields who could help them through the transition. I’m glad to say I have achieved that goal for thousands of clients, and that feels great.
  11. Get recognized for your expertise. Gain valuable experience, build your reputation and and get recognized for your work.
  12. Increase your income. As a business owner, your earnings depend on you and are not limited to what an employer is willing to pay you.
  13. Have true job stability. You don’t have to worry that you’ll be laid off or fired.
  14. Be eligible for certain tax benefits. You get to write off a lot of your business expenses (be sure to consult a tax expert for what’s allowed).
  15. Enjoy new challenges. Entrepreneurs have many opportunities to do things they never thought they could do!
  16. Become more creative. Find your own solutions and do it your own way.
  17. Get someone else to do the boring tasks. Do only the things you want to do.
  18. Connect with your clients. Build real and personal connections.
  19. Improve the legal industry. Make legal help for divorce affordable for more people, and promote peaceful non-litigated divorce.
  20. Find fulfillment and pride in your work. Finding a job in law that allows you to help others in such a concrete way can be very fulfilling. And knowing that you are building a successful career as a legal services business owner will bring you satisfaction and confidence.
  21. Resources, both financial and educational, are easier to find than ever. With small business development organizations such as SBDC and SCORE, plus the power of the Internet to find startup capital, loans and grants, there are more resources than ever before to help you get your business off to a great start.

So with all these great reasons for finding your best job in law as a divorce services business owner, what’s keeping you from going for it? If you would like to pursue this but need a little direction, I invite you to visit our website, take a tour, and then have a chat with me about how you can become an entrepreneur and a member of the Divorce With Dignity Network. I can help you figure out how to get started, and will train you on how to set up and run your divorce legal services business. Let’s talk!

The author of this blog is not an attorney and the information contained in these blogs should not be considered legal advice. The information provided here is based on the experience of the author and some of her clients whose actual names are not mentioned. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of an attorney if you have any legal questions.

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