11 Reasons To Deliver Divorce Services As Your Own Business

Why having your own business in a niche market like divorce services is a smart decision.

When starting out in your legal business, many attorneys, mediators and independent paralegals feel they need to market to the widest audience and accept any work that comes along.  This seems to make sense – but I would encourage you to consider a strategy that at first glance might strike you as limiting.  Becoming a “niche” business and targeting your marketing to a particular audience is a proven strategy that can actually increase business.

How does this work?  When people go looking for services, they would rather hire someone who is an expert in the field, a specialist rather than a generalist.  Certainly price is a consideration, too, but they also want someone who can do the best job for a reasonable cost.  They want someone who really knows how to do what they specifically want done.  Think about it – would your rather hire a general caterer for your “Cinco de Mayo” party, or the catering services of your favorite Mexican restaurant?

The advantages to having a niche legal business are many –

1.  Easier to find clients who are looking for YOU

2.  Working in a specific market helps perfect your skills

3.  Build confidence in yourself, your business, and your marketing strategies

4.  Be perceived as an expert

5.  Prospective clients see you as more credible, and you are able to sell yourself
and your services in a positive way

6.  Customers will be more likely to remember you and your service if you do one
thing really well rather than 10 things “adequately”

7.  When you land initial business and do a good job, your name will start to
circulate around and referrals will start coming your way

8.  Other legal professionals doing other specialized services can refer business to you

9.  Less competition – you can be the big fish in a small pond

10. Reduced marketing costs, since you can target your advertising

11. Focusing your energy, efforts, and resources in one direction can make
your work easier and more enjoyable

I remember seeing a attorney who  “Accidents, Injuries, Family Law, Trusts – whatever legal situation you have—we can help.”.  It struck me that they probably didn’t do any of those services justice.  If I wanted equitable resolution of my legal issue, you can bet I would be looking for a legal service who specializes in my legal issue.  The lesson is:  do one thing and do it very well.  Using this approach, you can become a market leader in your legal niche and increase your business.

One possible niche in the legal field is the area of divorce services, support and assistance.  You can help people go through the divorce process, help them file divorce papers, and provide information that will help them obtain an amicable divorce settlement. If this interests you, consider opening your own Divorce With Dignity office. Becoming a licensed Divorce With Dignity network partner in this growing enterprise has many benefits.

First, you will be licensed to use the nationally recognized Divorce With Dignity trademark and name, bringing instant brand recognition.  Most will also have exclusive rights to your own designated territory.  And that’s just the beginning!  We’ve included:

  • a training program on structuring and running your business
  • personalized training to develop your unique business plan
  • your personal web page on the Divorce With Dignity global website
  • Marital Settlement Agreement software
  • printed brochures & marketing materials
  • client packets, business cards, and more…
  • access to ongoing peer support and networking with other Divorce With Dignity professionals

If you are looking for a chance to be the CEO of your own company without all the risks and difficulties of building a business from scratch, contact us to find out more about becoming a Divorce with Dignity licensee.

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